Credentialed journalists covering the conference on behalf of accredited news organizations are invited to pre-register. Media may attend all official conference program activities and can request press materials and registration information by contacting the 2024 STI Prevention Conference media contact, Merwa Naveed, or (212) 388-7669.


Journalists who meet the following criteria are eligible to register as media:

• Journalists must have proof of accreditation. Accreditation may take the form of a photocopy of official press credentials or a letter from an editor verifying assignment to the conference on the letterhead of the media organization for which they work.

• Freelance journalists wishing to cover the conference must submit copies of three bylined STI-related articles in addition to an official letter of assignment. Newsletter writers and editors must submit three issues of their newsletter, at least one of which must include a bylined STI article.

• They must provide original, editorial news coverage.

• Editorial content must be independent of advertising and sponsorship (if the website is sponsored, the site must have multiple sponsors, and all sponsors must be clearly identified as such on the website).

• Personal websites do not qualify for media registration.

Submit proof of accreditation, official letter of assignment, and copies of articles to Merwa Naveed,


Conference studies are embargoed until the date and start time of the scientific presentation or poster session. All embargoes are lifted once a study has been posted on the conference website. Any publication prior to the embargo lift is a strict violation of conference embargo policy.


Media center personnel will make every effort to assist in arranging interviews with presenters or other spokespersons. Please contact CDC Press Officer, Gaya Kalla, or (404) 398-7274 if you would like to request an interview.


When referring to the conference in your coverage, please use the full name:
2024 STI Prevention Conference.


CDC Media Line
(404) 639-3286 (9:00 am – 6:00 pm)
(770) 488-7100 (After Hours)